Tile & Grout


Tile and grout walls and floors cover at least some part of nearly every bathroom; they are quite likely to exist in pool areas, spare utility rooms, en-suites, laundries and many other areas of the house prone to spillage. They look and feel far superior to bare concrete flooring, but a little steady maintenance is required.


Tiles tend to be fairly robust; sweeping and mopping clean tiles quite well. But the grout, the compound between the tiles, is porous, and over time it absorbs grime, dirt, mildew, mold and limescale. Even if this were not a health concern the discoloration of otherwise white grout ruins appearance of tiling. Your tiles will never look good when outlined in black. Even worse, long-term moisture can seep through some grouts and loosen the tiles underneath.


Tiles and grout are cleaned with a combination of special solvents and high-pressure cleaning. Emulsifiers are used to loosen hard anchored dirt, and hot, high-pressure water removes it from the gap between the tiles. Most importantly the water and solvent used are immediately vacuumed up, leaving you with dry floors and no risk of loose tiles and water damage. These cleaning techniques are especially effective, and often necessary, in shower areas where soap, shampoo, and other hygiene products cause grout discoloration. Our treatments can remedy these problems.

Once your tiles are cleaned, ask about resealing to prevent further complications. When cleaned and sealed properly tiled floors can last for decades. Email us now on administrator@psecleaning.com for professional tile cleaning.