Rugs predate carpets by many centuries and have some notable advantages. Unlike carpets they can be transported easily, meaning they can be taken outside for cleaning and airing. They also tend to be more elaborately decorated than a permanent carpet, but elaborate designs mean potential problems with dyes bleeding together. As such, rugs must be cleaned carefully. Like a formal suit that should only ever be dry cleaned a good quality rug should be cleaned be experts with the right technique and the right equipment.


Rugs cannot be cleaned with regular powdered deodorizers, even types that are otherwise suitable for carpets. These products damage warp and weft. Likewise, any dishwashing liquid is too harsh for most rugs, and the inevitable oily resides actually make dust and dirt harder to remove.

Sand or dirt that finds its way into rugs is very abrasive to the fibers, especially when the rug is walked upon. If they are not promptly removed by vacuuming the rug will slowly start to fall apart. There is an advantage with rugs over the carpet as they can be moved and vacuumed from both sided, but silk rugs are particularly prone to damage from any pedestrian traffic in your home. Silk rugs are best kept as wall decorations, yet they should also clean periodically, and care should be taken with damage from UV light.


Stained rugs can be a nightmare, but we have the techniques to fix many problems once thought disastrous. If a wool, silk or any other natural fiber carpet does become stained, then contact us immediately. Pet stains, wine, and other spills can be treated and removed, all without ruining the rug design.

Individuals worried about potential stains on their rugs should ask about rug treatments that prevent most problem stains.

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