Vehicles are a substantial investment of time and resources. Cars are a necessity for many families. And while boats and other vehicles may not be required every day, they do represent part of a lifestyle that requires regular maintenance. With the high cost of boat mooring and other forms of maintenance, it is only a small matter to add professional cleaning for your vehicle. Whether luxury or necessity a vehicle is part of a person’s lifestyle and is best enjoyed in optimal condition.


Apart from the appearance of cars and boats, regular cleaning extends their operational lifetime. At best any poorly maintained carpet in a car or boat will need to be replaced. At worse, it will damage the flooring underneath. This is a very serious concern with any vehicle used near salt water. Fishing rods stored in a car boot or salt water and sand from shoes on carpet can cause car flooring to rust in the space of just a few years. Cars can fail registration inspection from this type of rust, to say nothing of the usability of the vehicle. Boats are even more at risk for this; wet rot and dry rot will destroy boat material if not treated accordingly. Neglect to have a boat cleaned and the safety of the boat and its occupants quickly becomes an issue.


Even if the performance of your car isn’t affected by it internal appearance the quality of your experience is. If your car is more than a means of transport then you want to take some pride in it, and to enjoy your time driving. It’s easy to let minor problems accumulate with negligent cleaning. But only when you have things set straight with a professional clean will you appreciate the difference. Your car may not literally look like new gains, but you will remember why you bought it in the first place.

The external condition of a car says a lot about the owner, but the appearance is only part of the issue. American TV series Mythbusters showed that a very dirty utility vehicle had 10% lower fuel efficiency on a highway that the same vehicle when clean. These conditions were a little extreme, but a car will perform a little better when it’s looking neat and clean. Even if the difference is slight it’s hard not to see a connection between the appearance and condition of a car.

Our car cleaning will:
Tyres degreased
Detergent wash
High pressure spray
Hand wash
Chamois dry
Vacuum front seats and floor
Vacuum rear seats and floor
Ask about detailing and protective treatments for upholstery and carpets inside your car.